Stage 1: Finding a research topic by reviewing literature

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In the first phase of the research life cycle, the basis for a research project is established. One of the foundations of research is working with literature. Libraries provide various services for supplying literature to the researcher. The goal is to integrate existing and new services to be developed in connection with literature management within the eRIC framework, in order to unite all areas of reference management on one platform.






Reference management system

Integration of functions for efficient literature management by extension of existing mediaTUM methods, and reuse of open source software.

  • Research and import references from various sources, such as professional databases or library catalogues, as well as the means of categorising collected references.
  • Export of references in various formats.
  • Flexible assignment of references to ideas, to individual project stages, or experimental design for research substantiation.
  • Creation of reading lists and statistics based on individual criteria.
  • Adaptation of existing web services for integration of references in external destinations, such as web pages, in different formats and citation styles.
  • Exchange (import and export) of publication data between research projects.