Stage 2: Planning research and accessing resources

Businessman pointing at the words Human Resources, Teamwork, Career, Business, Skills - the picture symbolizes  Stage 2 - Development of a research plan and acquisition of resources.

The eRIC Workbench offers project management tools and supports you in creating a project structure, planning individual work stages, using resources, and documenting entire research projects. Project planning includes a tool for creating data management plans.








Definition of project structure

Via the creation of the research project, and the detailed design of research plans, the foundation for the documentation of the scientific project will be established.

  • Project planning including assignment of rights
    • Development of standards for structuring research projects, including all necessary stages of the project.
    • Development of a module for creating a research project: selection of a standard package and configuration by selecting individual parameters.
    • Depelopment of a module for assigning rights and responsibilities to project partners and co-workers.
    • Adjustment of standards developed to meet the specific needs of the participating research project partners through parameterisation for individual cases.
  • Administration and user authentication
    • Selection of system internal users or system external project participants by the project manager to allow participation in research projects.
    • Utilisation of university directory service data for authentication of internal users via an LDAP interface.
    • Use of Shibboleth as method of authentication.
    • Develop a standardised interface for integrating and deploying external contact databases.
  • Use an existing database of customer contacts for the preparation and implementation of surveys
    • Tool for the generation and administration of random sampling in surveys using contact details.
    • Possibility of creating e-mail messages to respondents at various project stages within the eRIC framework.
    • Development of an interface with existing contact database for seamless integration into survey projects.
  • Creating a research plan and an electronic project journal
    • Development of standards for creating a research plan or an electronic project journal ("Lab Notebook") by researchers.
    • Make available a pool of standardised steps that define the work flow of a scientific project (workflow engine).
    • Creation of customised research plans or electronic laboratory notebooks for all participating scientific project partners.


Resource planning

Project managers have project management tools to support them with efficient resource planning.

  • Scheduling
    • Integration of tools for creating work schedules within all project stages.
  • Resource planning
    • Integration of functions for resource planning (e.g. personal use or allocation measurement times of devices and instruments).
    • Integration of a tool for collective scheduling within a team.
  • Budget planning
    • Integration of a tool for budget planning and control.


Product documentation

Documentation is an essential component of project implementation.

  • Documentation of work processes and project progress
    • Opportunity for detailed documentation of the course of action in each project stage.
    • Possibility of establishing individualised metadata schemata for the description of measures and data.
    • Visualisation of project progress through graphic representation.
    • Development of specific metadata schemata for the description of research material (e.g. survey data, measurement data, 3D models of agricultural technology).
  • Preparation and publication of a project profile
    • Module for compilation of the project proposal to a project profile by the project manager.
    • Opportunity to publish the project profile.
  • Versioning
    • Integration and adaptation of existing version control feature in all stages of a research project for all types of documents and research data.
  • Extension of the search in the database of mediaTUM
    • Extension of the search functions to specific needs of research projects and data (search for project ideas, work packages, references, parameter values of instruments, or research data).