Stage 4: Publishing research data and transferring knowledge

a close-up view of a typewriter with a blank paper in the background with typed words "Chapter One". The picture stands for "Stage 4 - Publication of research results and knowledge transfer".

The eRIC team will advise you on where and how to publish research results. Additionally, documenting each stage of a research process in the eRIC Workbench facilitates knowledge transfer to the project team or collaborators.







Publication planning

Within a project team, it is important that publication projects are planned, checked, and carried out jointly. In addition, linking and citation of scientific articles and related research data must be ensured.

  • Collaborative publication planning, implementation and control
    • Integration of functions for collective planning of a publication project within a project team.
    • Coordination of publication projects by assigning rights to individual team members.
    • Version control features.
    • Development of workflows for targeted control of a publication (e.g. integration of a review process).
  • Publication of papers and associated research data
    • Possibility of electronic publication, and publication of research data.
    • Allocation of DOI / URN by researchers.
    • Adaptation of an interface to report URN and bibliographic data at National Libraries as well as allocation and automated notification of the DOI and the associated metadata.


Plagiarism check and bibliometric analysis

The eRIC platform offers researchers a publication plagiarism checker and, among other things, the opportunity to evaluate the reception of publications on the basis of citation and usage statistics

  • Plagiarism check
    • Integration of functions for plagiarism check into the workflow of publishing.
  • WP B.IV.2.2: Tools for bibliometric analysis
    • Integration and development of web services for Web of Science and Scopus.
    • Preparation of sophisticated usage statistics for publications.


Creation of printed publications

In addition to the electronic publication of research results, scientists will be able to order printed publications.

  • WP B.IV.3.1.: Print-on-demand service
    • Preparation of print publications in mediaTUM with automatic selection of paper, binding, etc.
    • Interface for automated transmission of the publication to a print-on-demand provider.